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Medicated Mosquito Net



We are a renowned medicated mosquito net manufacturer in West Bengal having our brand name “Protected Sleep”. Balaajie Packaging advocates constant use of “Protected Sleep” as a protective measure against dangerous diseases like Malaria and Dengue. Young children, pregnant woman and those having little immunity to the diseases stands to benefit highly by using our medicated mosquito net. We being one of the leading medicated mosquito net supplier in West Bengal is proud to announce that World Health Organization (WHO) confirms that Medicated Mosquito Nets can decrease childhood mortality by as much one third in malaria affected areas. We strive hard to be on the top against the other medicated mosquito net manufacturers. “Protected Sleep” provides with the quality of soft, ventilated, durable, fadeless and artistic and so on.




As a leading medicated mosquito net manufacturer in West Bengal we care for you , since the health benefits are greatest among young children, pregnant women and other people (such as visitors) who have little immunity to the disease. Being the reputed medicated mosquito net manufacturers, ours medicated mosquito net is made with extra care by adopting scientific technique, high temperature shaping, high pressure bleaching and dyeing. Customer can purchase our product in a very compatative range than others in market.




We being one of the best medicated mosquito net manufacturers confirm that our brand “Protected Sleep” are made by 100% polyester and available in square, round or other shapes as per customers requirement . Balaajie Packaging as a leading medicated mosquito net supplier in West Bengal we make sure that the product “Protected Sleep” are pretreated with a high quality insecticide Deltamethrin, Permethrin, which have passed rigorous test by authorities such as NATIONAL TEST HOUSE and very actively recommended by WHO(WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION). The treatment has a longevity spanning at least 3-5 years. You can wash the net upto 21 times maintaining the effect of the medication.


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Net Material


Rectanguler, Conical, Folded


100% Polyester


75 dainer or 100 dainer


28gm-30gm/m2 for 75d, 38gm - 40gm/m2 for 100d,
Mess 156 holes/inch2 We Also Make HDPE mosquito net
Brusting Strenth

75 dainer = 250 kpa min. 100 dainer = 350kpa min.


As per buyers requirement


As per buyers requirement



Insecticide effect

Target Deltamethrin concentration is 50mg / m2
( +_ 25%) WHO'S specification for that min. 25mg/m2 after 6 standard wash



Difference between Ordinary Mosquito Net And Medicated Mosquito Net :-

Ordinary Mosquito Net Medicated Mosquito Net
An ordinary net paves the path for very small insects like sand flies. A medicated mosquito net does not allow any small insect even sand fly to penetrate.
An ordinary net often needs patching. Medicated mosquito net needs no patching.
An ordinary net fails to protect a person sleeping against the side of the net. Medicated mosquito net not only saves a person sleeping inside it but also others in the same room even if they are not using it.
An ordinary net needs the use of repellent and causes nosia, bronchitis and other diseases. A medicated mosquito net does not need the use of repellent and is not harmful.